The paintings below are just a few of the commissions I have painted. Each of these paintings is representative of a special moment, memory, or represent someone's love. Creating these paintings and learning the stories behind them, brings me joy. Prices for commission pieces vary by size and complexity (multiple portraits and full length portraits will be a bit more) but generally prices range as follows:

Pet portraits- one animal- size 10 x 10 inch or 9 x 12 inch is $125. Each additional animal portrait within the painting is $25. Sizes larger than 9 x 12 inch are priced at $1.25/square inch. For example a 18 x 18 inch painting (324 sq inch) would be $405. Price does not include frame or shipping. 

Figure portraits- portraits of just head and shoulders in sizes 9 x 12, 12 x 16, or 18 x 20 inches are priced at $1.75/square inch. Portraits that include mid-section with hands are priced at $2.00/square inch. Additional figures will be quoted based on complexity. Price does not include frame or shipping.

Other commissions- still lifes, interiors, and landscapes (such as a painting of your house) will be generally priced $1.25/square inch to $1.75/square inch depending on complexity and size. Price does not include frame or shipping.

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