Finding a Groove

It's been exactly 50 days since I started the "getting out of idea debt" daily painting project and I have done......drum roll....19 paintings. That should be a depressing number but it isn't. I started off this project with the goal of clearing out the clutter of ideas I've been harboring for years. I felt like all the painting ideas that I've accumulated were all a disconnected mess with no connecting theme, style, or vision. What I've realized from just the 19 paintings and seeing them hanging on my wall in a beautiful grid is that they all have something in common and I'm liking how they are coming along.

Seeing the paintings together, I could see the forest and not just each individual tree. I found that the beach painting of the Dania Beach pier looked great hung in an array next to the parking lot paintings. My sign paintings also looked pretty good next to the solar eclipse series. I could start to see what the commonality that attracted me to these visuals and to start to see a "brand" and potentially a market and marketing strategy. When I look at the groupings of my paintings,  I see theme's of "memory/reflection/sentimental", "story", and "subtle". However, what I see may not be complete or even accurate.  What do you see? ( I really want to know- even if it's a criticism). 

After 19 paintings, I see where I want to go and I think the next 31 paintings might actually be done in no more than 45 days. Honestly, a 10 x 10 inch painting a day was a lofty goal. Day job, commissions, and my kid all take time. I heard this phrase concerning time management and projects at a seminar: "We all have a four burner stove and maybe an oven". You can have two items cooking in the front, two items simmering in the back, and maybe something baking in the oven. If you have a family and a day job, they will take up two of your burners and will alternate between cooking and simmering.  So, really I have only two burners- a cooking and a simmer (almost like every actual stove I've owned until recently).

Thanks for following along, Oh and if you see one or two of these (I personally think 3 to 6 look awesome) that you like- 10% discount on multiple paintings.