Idea Debt

Idea debt: when you spend more time planning in your head an awesome project than actually creating it. The further into debt you become on an idea the more overwhelming it can be to start the project.

I've been in idea debt for years.  Hundreds and hundreds of quick photos, sketches, and scribbles -all of them painting ideas. Each idea honed while I was doing nothing in particular -like getting ready in the morning, driving to my day job, driving home from my day job, grocery shopping, waiting in line, and so on.  There's a lot of backlogged ideas that at this point, I don't even know if they are good ideas any longer. They might just be crap. However, I feel like I can't move forward until I clear up the backlog. 

To get out of idea debt, I'm going to clear out the backlog. Over the next 60 days I will paint one 10x10 inch painting daily. There will be 12 themes with each theme consisting of 5 paintings. My goals for this exercise are to clear out all the old ideas, to hone my painting skills and to generate fresh ideas. 

The first week began yesterday, March 19th. The theme for this first series is: I wish I was at the beach. 

Themes for upcoming series (in no particular order): Views from 7th floor parking garage in Orlando, trees, animals, tourist trap, shop windows, children, signs, construction, nostalgia, cityscapes/buildings, and flowers.

These paintings will be listed on my Daily Paintworks gallery (link on my page under Art for Sale) and will be posted daily on my Facebook page and Instagram.